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Art and culture is never boring with Pura Vida Youth! Through painting, clay-work, storytelling, and other activities, we make culture come alive! Come to one of our classes and watch as we explain the cultural significance of the drinking gourd...and make our own! From paintings to kente cloth skirts, this hands-on class will enrich the children's knowledge and appreciation of different cultures.



Charged with addressing disciplinary concerns at home and in school, our goal is to give children a moment of tranquility in an otherwise crazy day. Focusing on breathing, concentration, and the release of negative energy and thoughts, this course will equip students on how to emotionally, mentally, and physically process stress and how to gain self-control in their everyday life.


Let's get moving! Teaching the history, language, and culture of Afro-Latin dance, students in this class will learn the basics of either Afro-cuban salsa or Dominican Republic born bachata! Come learn with us and watch as the kids transform from nervous gigglers to partner dancers in this exciting course that culminates in an end of semester performance!


This course is centered around the belief that there is no inherent 'good emotion' or 'bad emotion.' Our focus is understanding self and why we respond the way we do in certain situations. The class takes place with a group of peers and will result in children being more aware of their emotional state so that they can intelligently choose how to respond, instead of just reacting. At the completion of this class, you can expect children to have less disciplinary issues and to hold each other accountable in and out of the classroom.

This exciting enrichment course produces little entrepreneurs! With a focus on technology and it's uses in the 21st century, children will develop an understanding of business, marketing, discipline, electronics, and how to apply their unique skill-sets to be savvy entrepreneurs even at a young age! At the end of the semester, you can expect the children to be noticeably more mature and forward-thinking in their approach to life and learning.


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