Pura Vida Youth was founded by a father. This father had a simple vision- for his daughter to have the best possible opportunities, experiences, and access to quality programming that existed. His personal mission has since become our community mission:

To provide youth of all ages with culturally relevant learning opportunities that inspire a love for education, a passion for discovery, and a respect and appreciation for self and community.


At Pura Vida Youth, we are constantly growing and innovating! Our goal is to provide a wide-range of enrichment options for children with the purpose of impacting families and communities. Our relevant classes are designed to meet the needs of the communities that we serve in real and tangible ways. By addressing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the youth that we serve, we will positively affect the family, and work to transform our communities. Join us in making change and get involved with Pura Vida today!



The Pura Vida mission is to uplift, equip, and support local and international communities of color. We fulfill this mission daily through our many Pura Vida initiatives and community partnerships. Please take a moment and connect with our brand, connect with our mission, and connect with your community.

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